Friday, August 24, 2012

Self-portrait in Progress

Well, it's pretty much officially over isn't it? Summer has been a good time for mostly everyone, people are looking back at their work they did last year and wondering how they can be better. I think that's the beauty of doing art, it can always be better. Sometimes it involves looking for new influences for your work, new historic periods of time, new artists, materials and plenty of other factors can play into becoming a better artist.

Sometimes though, you have to go and revisit an old medium that you haven't done in a while. That's what I did, oil painting is probably one of my favorite things to work with at any point in my life. It definitely feels therapeutic and relaxing, as I'm thinking about how crazy awesome this year will be. 

As I started this self portrait, I made a goal for this year, I want to actually make more oil paintings. Last year, I was only able to make one actual oil painting at the end of the year for Studio Illustration. It wasn't the best painting I'd done, but definitely a needed painting, due to the massive collection of Digital Art that I had done over the year. My goal is that I can get in the mode of doing a nice series of portrait paintings over the course of this semester. I'm both excited and ready to take on that challenge. Here is where my journey starts out to get things warmed up. I hope you enjoy this in progress painting now, because hopefully later I will be able to show the finished artwork in it's entire form.

self-portrait (in-progress). 18" x 24". Oil on canvas board. 2012.

Sometimes it's exciting to go back to the things you were awesome with, because while I didn't do many paintings (as I mentioned earlier), I did learn many new skills from my other classes that I'm able to transfer into my paintings right now and in the future.

Get ready for this year everyone, it's gonna be a great one.


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