Saturday, July 14, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice!

When people look at my art most people know me for the thing that I do in Illustrator. Which is not a bad thing or anything, but I've been wanting to do some expand some skills. I figured that something that I wanted to practice on was digital painting.

Yeah, I know... I know there are a lot of people that know how to digital paint, but there is nothing wrong with just experimenting with art on a small scale of if you want to. I know that the majority of my art is more of a graphic style, but I've always wanted to do some more realistic work.

Here is a small fun sketch that I made from a sketch game that I played with my friend Gaetano. The is game is best played when you are sitting with several people at a table in a restaurant. 

For the purpose of simplifying the name of the game, I'll just call it the "Scribble Sketch Game (SSG)."
The way you play is to have a piece of paper and some sort of writing tool,  you decide which way you will rotate the paper around with your friends.

Anyway, the way you play is like this, you make an abstract scribble and then pass it on to your friend either on your right or left. Then they have to make a sketch out of the random scribble you made. There really isn't a winner or a loser, it's just a nice way to clear out some dead time while you are waiting on food (or any other situation that involves waiting).

So for this post, I was just wanting to show what one of the sketches I ended up making in the game.

Below, is the line drawing I made.

As you can see I was thinking bird with this one. It wasn't anything too complex, but I did want to be creative with the sketch.

A few days later, I decided that I wanted to scan this sketch and just trying experimenting in Photoshop. Due to my lack of work that I do in PS, I figured this would be a great way to just simply practice. After I scanned the sketch, I left the line drawing as it was. I didn't want to alter it in anyway. I made a simple goal before doing the sketch, I knew that it was just practice, like something I would do in sketchbook, it didn't have to be a finished piece of work.

Here is the PS practice that I ended with. 
Now that I'm posting this, I want to do another practice in a similar fashion. Anyway, if you have any comments you would like to leave just let me know. If you also have advice on things that I could work on in PS, like techniques or artists I should look up, hook me up with that information. Hope that you guys can experiment with something you've done for fun and see what you can come up with.

Also don't forget to tell other people about the blog! You have been doing an awesome job with viewing just in the short amount of time that I've started this. Thanks for the support so far!

Thanks to all!

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