Monday, July 9, 2012

Grand Welcome!!!

Welcome to my first post of this blog. Through this blog I will be showing a series of posts that show things such as influences, sketches, processes and even finished projects.

The goal that I'm setting for myself is something simple, I don't want to get too tired of keeping up a blog, so I'm going to keep it to at least one post a week. I want to be able to tell of the adventures that I'm going through. I could chime in on the thoughts that are in my head as I make sketches of random things or tell of the influences that I get from objects to make new Typefaces.

It could be anything, but most importantly, I want to be able to give my audience (you) the ability to think of things in a new light. If this isn't possible maybe I can make you think of things as more connected instead of thinking of everything as separate.

With all these things being said, I want to thank you for reading my first post. I am excited for the ride that is coming as this blog progresses. I expect good things and loads of encouragement to come out of this. 

Grand Welcome!!!

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