Monday, September 3, 2012

Azteca Owl Part One

Hey, I just wanted to post real quick on something that I've been working on the past three weeks. I've been working kinda slow with it, but hey it'll get done. I did this with Illustrator and am planning to see what happens next when I place it in Photoshop.

This owl idea came to me when I was remembering about my culture/civilization project from Digital Methods with Tam Peterson and Stewart McKissick. I said, "I could a better one, right?" So then that's where this came in.

Hope that it gets super sick and awesome looking! Keep following to see if it turns out great!


Friday, August 24, 2012

Self-portrait in Progress

Well, it's pretty much officially over isn't it? Summer has been a good time for mostly everyone, people are looking back at their work they did last year and wondering how they can be better. I think that's the beauty of doing art, it can always be better. Sometimes it involves looking for new influences for your work, new historic periods of time, new artists, materials and plenty of other factors can play into becoming a better artist.

Sometimes though, you have to go and revisit an old medium that you haven't done in a while. That's what I did, oil painting is probably one of my favorite things to work with at any point in my life. It definitely feels therapeutic and relaxing, as I'm thinking about how crazy awesome this year will be. 

As I started this self portrait, I made a goal for this year, I want to actually make more oil paintings. Last year, I was only able to make one actual oil painting at the end of the year for Studio Illustration. It wasn't the best painting I'd done, but definitely a needed painting, due to the massive collection of Digital Art that I had done over the year. My goal is that I can get in the mode of doing a nice series of portrait paintings over the course of this semester. I'm both excited and ready to take on that challenge. Here is where my journey starts out to get things warmed up. I hope you enjoy this in progress painting now, because hopefully later I will be able to show the finished artwork in it's entire form.

self-portrait (in-progress). 18" x 24". Oil on canvas board. 2012.

Sometimes it's exciting to go back to the things you were awesome with, because while I didn't do many paintings (as I mentioned earlier), I did learn many new skills from my other classes that I'm able to transfer into my paintings right now and in the future.

Get ready for this year everyone, it's gonna be a great one.


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Business cards? Yeah, Business cards.

A while back ago, when I started my blog, I had actually designed the business cards before I got to designing the blog site banner. What ended up happening was that the business cards turned out to be great designs on my laptop. I had made the cards that I had wanted. Now the only thing that was going to be new was that I was going to actually order them, to get some actual physical cards in my hand.

This is where I had begun to say to myself, "maybe I don't need business cards that bad." This was reality, I was wrong. If anything, I needed business cards now, why? Since I have been back at home, this has been my chance to establish a network of potential clients. I could give them my card and people know you mean business. You can't be seen as the cute little kid that does art anymore. I think all of us that are going to school for art know that if you can convince your community back home that doing Art for can be a job, you can overcome plenty of other challenges in your path.

As I was saying, I needed to get business cards to start making the connections back home. In my opinion, this actually has some advantages to it.

This guy just found out he could get business cards, just look how happy and joyful he is about that news. Score!!!

You can...
1. Present and establish yourself as a professional in your community.

2. Show the community that Art is more than just a pretty picture and that it's just as practical as any other job out there. Give them a new perspective.

3. Inspire some youngsters along the way (You would be surprised).

4. Get businesses to remember that you can do work, and they could call/email/stalk you later on down the road (Hope they don't stalk you).

5. As cheesy as this last one might be, but you can also, be an example of what can happen when you actually pursue the dreams that have been on your heart.

I'm sure that there are many other things advantages too, but I just wanted to keep the list short.

Before I made any final decisions on order cards, I had them send me a free sample packet of their products. Always, always, always check to see if they offer free samples. This gives you of the range of not only products they make, but also their quality. After checking out the samples, I began the quest of ordering my new business cards.

I finally made the decision to just get them. One thing that I tried to make sure was that the design was perfect, because this same design was going to be on all the cards that I would order. I then had the final design and had made it according to the format that the online place requested them to be in. I finalized everything by placing the order, and have been waiting with so much excitement. Finally receiving them yesterday, I opened the box that had my 100 cards in it.

I have a few reasons I only ordered 100 cards:

-If the printed design was not as good as I thought, well then hey, I only have 100, not 1,000. 

-I can think of these 100 cards as a trial run. The faster the cards go, the more I can order 
later, the slower the cards go, the less I order later on.

-This also gives me a chance to see where I can improve the design for the next batch of cards I order.

After viewing the cards, I did end up having a small issue with them, my type was a little too small than what I was expecting. Even though this happened, this particular issue was on me, because of how I designed them. I had simply made the type a little too small. Everything else about the cards I loved. The quality is great, the colors are exactly as I wanted them to be, and even the sturdiness of the cards was excellent. 

Above: These are the digital files of my cards. They look really clean and I'm really proud of the design.
Below: I have a webcam shots of the card. I know it still won't do justice to see what I'm talking about, but at least you get to see it.

I know making a business card doesn't sound like a big deal, but I want to make it into a big deal. I want my community to see that I can make a living doing this crazy cool thing called Art. By simply making a business card, you can give others a snapshot of what your abilities are able to accomplish.

I hope that this post can help encourage others to at least consider making a business card, if not now, then maybe in the next few months or maybe years. Either way, I hope that you can still keep having fun creating awesome things.


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Digital Painting Part Two

Hi everyone!

I hope that everyone has continued to art the summer away. I can't believe it's only about a month away and we go back to school and get blasted with hard work all over again.
It's gonna be a long ride when it gets here, but I think most of us are glad that it's still summer, while other just want to be back in Columbus.

Many of you have seen the portrait that my good friend Jon "I ain't playin' around" Yurek did of me earlier in the week. The charcoal portrait on Illustration Board was just fantastic and actually captured the essence of my facial features. I'm glad that I have a friend that is majoring in Ad/Graph, but still does work like a fine artist.

Anyway enough about him, as many of you know my work is normally more graphic in nature, but lately I've been wanting to work a little more realistic and learn how to use Photoshop. From my previous, the toucan, this is the next project that I've done using PS.

The thing that I'm trying to understand with the program is how to make it do what I want. I know how to traditionally paint, but I'm trying to figure out how the program translates those things I've been taught. Of course I'm not a master by any means, but hey knowing something is better than knowing nothing.

This the portrait that I did of my friend Jon.

*quick note: if you wanna see more detail of the image simply download it and open in PS*

As you can see my skill at PS aren't completely bad, but they still definitely need more work. I think the exciting thing for me is that, I can only get better. I'm learning to keep my skills growing in areas I don't normally work in. I'm saying I'm changing working methods with my work, I'm just like to experiment on different things.

I hope that this gets some of you to do a portrait of a friend or two.
I'll have more posts later on!!!


Monday, July 23, 2012


How is everyone? It's been a little more than a week since I started the blog and want to thank you for reading and keeping up on what I've been doing. Anyway, what's nice is that I have sketch sessions from the summer that I've needed to upload. For this post however, I'm only going to be showing the experiments that I did with type. 

Something that I've noticed with being in Illustration is that, all of us could use help with using typography into our work. I think it must have been about a month ago that I really got into a typography kick. I was so excited to make some type of my own. It's so easy as a student to simply look at font websites and download free fonts that you feel are appropriate for a project. Which is not a bad thing on it's own, but I would say that it can be a bad habit, if done persistently.

For some students, they just simply use the font as is; others take it and manipulate it according to the placement they want it; some even reconstruct an entire new font based on one that is already designed. No matter what we do there is one thing that we can never escape, a type-less world of illustration. Type may not be used in every project, but when it is you better know how to use it to your advantage.

Wow... ugh... wasn't planning on saying all of this, I simply wanted to show you some type that experimented with during the summer.

I hope that it inspires you to make some of you own! 


 Here is a set that I made based on a shape that I saw while walking around.

This was some type that I designed with a brush. The type was mostly determined by how the brush laid down strokes. If you look at it close enough, you can see that these letters are very close in characteristics of my blog banner. From this type that I made, it helped me narrow my search for a font that I wanted to use for my own personal branding.

Anyway, I like to think of these as sketches of the type that maybe one day I'll actually make into real type that I can use on my computer. Who knows? Anyway have fun making your own type and remember to look for anything for inspiration or maybe you just need to exchange your pencil for another tool. Whatever the case just have fun making it!


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Practice, Practice, Practice!

When people look at my art most people know me for the thing that I do in Illustrator. Which is not a bad thing or anything, but I've been wanting to do some expand some skills. I figured that something that I wanted to practice on was digital painting.

Yeah, I know... I know there are a lot of people that know how to digital paint, but there is nothing wrong with just experimenting with art on a small scale of if you want to. I know that the majority of my art is more of a graphic style, but I've always wanted to do some more realistic work.

Here is a small fun sketch that I made from a sketch game that I played with my friend Gaetano. The is game is best played when you are sitting with several people at a table in a restaurant. 

For the purpose of simplifying the name of the game, I'll just call it the "Scribble Sketch Game (SSG)."
The way you play is to have a piece of paper and some sort of writing tool,  you decide which way you will rotate the paper around with your friends.

Anyway, the way you play is like this, you make an abstract scribble and then pass it on to your friend either on your right or left. Then they have to make a sketch out of the random scribble you made. There really isn't a winner or a loser, it's just a nice way to clear out some dead time while you are waiting on food (or any other situation that involves waiting).

So for this post, I was just wanting to show what one of the sketches I ended up making in the game.

Below, is the line drawing I made.

As you can see I was thinking bird with this one. It wasn't anything too complex, but I did want to be creative with the sketch.

A few days later, I decided that I wanted to scan this sketch and just trying experimenting in Photoshop. Due to my lack of work that I do in PS, I figured this would be a great way to just simply practice. After I scanned the sketch, I left the line drawing as it was. I didn't want to alter it in anyway. I made a simple goal before doing the sketch, I knew that it was just practice, like something I would do in sketchbook, it didn't have to be a finished piece of work.

Here is the PS practice that I ended with. 
Now that I'm posting this, I want to do another practice in a similar fashion. Anyway, if you have any comments you would like to leave just let me know. If you also have advice on things that I could work on in PS, like techniques or artists I should look up, hook me up with that information. Hope that you guys can experiment with something you've done for fun and see what you can come up with.

Also don't forget to tell other people about the blog! You have been doing an awesome job with viewing just in the short amount of time that I've started this. Thanks for the support so far!

Thanks to all!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Wham Bam Portrait Slam!

Last night about 8.30pm, I was really in the mood to do an Alla Prima painting. Before I took out the whole  paint get up though, I remembered that I had some good scrap Bristol paper. I figured why not tackle on a quick self-portrait with pencil. I decided to go upstairs to the bathroom and sit in front of the mirror for these drawings.

This was the first one, overall it looks like me so I was satisfied since I only spent about an hour on it. I was just wanting to do a self portrait and because I was in the mood to make something. What better way than to make something and brush up on the old the classic form of drawing. I might be working on more drawing, I haven't decided yet. Since I did one portrait in an hour and I was still in the mood, I went for the Double Dare.
With this one, I went with a more fun approach rather than a bland stare. Sure enough I was actually able to capture the essence of my likeness in this one better than the first. This drawing also took about an hour and that was all I really wanted to invest in it. Both of these are at a small scale because of the scrap piece, but hey they still look like me so I was happy.

So what do you wanna do? I don't know, but if you have read this and it makes you want to do a quick self-portrait, make one. Post it on FB or on your own blog site. You can even place a link down in the comment slot if you would like. Whatever you decide to do, just have fun.

I mean seriously, when was the last time you did a self-portrait that wasn't school related? If it's been a while just do one. Seriously, you'll be glad you did.

Happy Slammin!